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Setback or Setup? You choose.

Life is hard! Have you heard this? Do you believe this? This could be part of the story, AND let’s add on a little bit. Let’s play. Life is hard…right up until it’s not! Are you open to that possibility? Can life be simple, fun and easy? Hmm!

Maybe the following story can help to shift into the perspective that life can be easy and even magical. For this, I need to get personal…

Some of you know about our son’s difficult birth. Very long story short, we went from a very peaceful and budget-friendly homebirth to a stressful and expensive hospital birth. Not only did we have the emotional and mental “setback” of a difficult birth, but also, we took on additional unexpected expenses. 

(Please know we are supremely grateful for our son, our health, our family, the doctors and nurses, and our birth team. There is no price tag on the value of life! Life – and birth especially – can unfold unpredictably, leaving us questioning and in doubt. We can use that time of questioning to practice surrender and trust, remembering that any challenging situation is just a “prop” to deepen our innate wisdom and power.)

While sorting through the aftermath of this event, I came to this perspective: What if this “setback” is really a “setup?” Could the Universe be “busy conspiring” and creating something wonderful and magical for us, and it needs us to be “distracted”  and caught up in the drama and the story for a while so that we don’t interfere? The truth is, we can make up any story we want; so, why not be optimistic and possibility-oriented?

(We can expand this perspective even further. We actually co-create all our experiences in this life. Could it be that WE design particular vibrations and adventures to heal, reveal, and embrace more of who we truly are?)

We experience what we desire/intend OR something better suited for us. Read that again. (The “or” part can be a doozy!) If a particular situation manifests quite differently than you envisioned, there must be something better suited for you. Are you open to letting go of how it was “supposed to go” (the setback) and step into receiving the unexpected magic that is (the set-up!)? 

As we surrender to what is instead of being caught up in the “should’s, could’s and supposed to’s”, the hardness in your life softens. Ease emerges naturally. Who’s UP for that?!

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