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Choosing to Perceive Perfection

What if everything in your world and in your body is right and perfect? (P.S. It is!) It’s just a matter of perception and embodiment.

Mesermizing passionflower.
What a masterpiece!
We are THAT!

When there is pain or symptoms in our body, we tend to automatically think that something is WRONG. And then maybe we proceed to “Dr. Google” ourselves down a long rabbit hole. (Or is that just me?! Ha!) The truth (or at least the truth that I align with) is that our bodies are innately intelligent. The body never makes a mistake. EVER. The same wisdom and energy that took us from two cells to four cell to eight cells and put our kidneys, eyes and toes in the right place is still functioning within us this very moment! That doesn’t just go away. We may forget about it, but that doesn’t change the fact that the power that created us sustains and heals.

If our body never makes a mistake, then why do we experience health challenges – chronic pain, anxiety, skin issues, fatigue, digestive issues and so on?

It can only ever respond and adapt to the environment that we provide – the environment being the thoughts we think, what and when we eat and drink, how and what we breathe, and how we exercise and rest (The 6 essentials!). When the body communicates and offers pain, fatigue or discomfort, it’s the body’s way of telling us that we need to change the environment and update the input. 

(Sometimes, updating the input also means evaluating how your job and relationships are affecting you. And if you’re unwilling or unable to change your job/relationships, then you must change how you perceive and relate with it.)

Thank goodness we have this built-in system of feedback to guide and direct! Your body is your ally – constantly sensing, integrating, and offering feedback. What is your body communicating to you? Are you listening? Or do you shut it down? 

Are you open to perceiving a health or life challenge as a grand adventure? Maybe your body is calling for a different way to live life – one that is more joyful and free than you ever could have imagined all on your own. The more you listen and surrender to what is, the more easily it unfolds for you, the more quickly you see the gift in it all, and the more clearly you see the imperfection as perfection.

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