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Budding Potential: From Tension Into Expansion

Dr. Loriann Laugle

The budding flower just before it blooms. The boiling water that precedes  its transformation to steam. Raging rapids before the river expands and calms again. The seed right before it splits open to allow the sprout to escape. Nature shows us over and over again how palpable friction precedes great change and expansion.

Have you experienced this in your own life? What was life like right before that big move? How did you feel before that important presentation? What was happening within you before that pivotal conversation?

Walking through my mother’s Indiana garden late last Spring, admiring the abundant beauty, I was reminded of Nature’s harmonious flow. Irises. Bleeding hearts. Lilies of the valley. Peonies. Oh and peonies! How expansive are those beauties!

And these too fall away to give rise to the next season’s delights. Spring flowers give way to summer buds. The tension. All closed up. Secrets contained. Preparing for expansion for days on end. Then it happens overnight – the release. The next morning, brilliant color and miraculous symmetry prove to be a pure delight to our human eyes. Zinnias. Dahlias. Stargazer lilies. Oh these lilies! (bud and flower pictured)

Pure potential realized, expressed, and enjoyed.

Nature is a reminder for us to allow the same. Be present and patient with the tension; all


ow it to prepare you for an expansion in which you will delight and marvel. You need it all right up until you don’t. It’s just the nature of Nature!

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