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Weight Loss and Gratitude

Frederiksted, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands Sunset 5/27/2018, Rainbow Beach

Over the past year, my body slowly has been transforming. It seems to be carrying some extra love cushion, especially around my midsection, and my clothes are fitting a bit more snugly. I’m sure it’s for various reasons, as most things in life are multi-factorial, not linear. As I integrate this feedback that my body is providing, I do my best to be compassionate, mindful and aware, remembering that the body is an effect (and a temporary one at that!).

It can only ever respond to the information that I give it. If I’m not fully enjoying the feedback, I must change the input. In other words, if you desire to shed excess weight mindfully, you must first identify to what your body is responding. What are you feeding your body that is toxic? From what does your body think it needs to protect you?

We feed our bodies in various ways. Along with food and drink, we also fuel our bodies through thoughts, emotions, breath, and movement. Many of us easily understand and accept that healthy eating and exercise will help you to lose weight. Have you noticed that those two habits alone may only take you so far? We must address the mental, emotional, and energetic causes as well.

Do you have toxic thoughts? What’s your inner dialogue like? What do you say and feel when someone asks, “How are you?” Are there toxic, stressful relationships at work? At home?

Perhaps by now you’ve identified a source of stress against which your body may be “protecting” you by depositing extra “love cushion” around your hips, your abdomen, your arms, or your face. So, how do we fast track through the gunk, shed this excess emotional weight, and facilitate a higher level of wellness and lightness in our physical bodies?


Gratitude. Yep, gratitude!

Gratitude energetically shifts you into a different state. You can’t complain and be in gratitude simultaneously. You can’t be anxious along with grateful. You can’t be overwhelmed and grateful at the same time.

The Sound of the Universe, Christiansted, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, Shoy’s Beach

The beauty of this? It’s an inside job, meaning it does not require you to drastically change anything externally. Not your job, not your relationships, not your diet. Of course, you can make changes in those areas if it’s in alignment, AND it’s not always necessary. Another perk? You don’t need to spend time and energy analyzing your emotional state. If you’re already aware of your stressed and toxic emotional state, that’s enough. That’s your feedback to simply drop into gratitude. Make that choice.

(Want to get even more bang for your buck? Get in touch with your breath! Breathe deeply, lovingly and fully through your whole system, daily.)

As you shift your internal experience into a higher vibrational state through gratitude and breathwork, you gain the clarity and peace that is required for joyful presence, graceful change and confident choices. Your body no longer needs protecting because you are empowered. You are in in a state of flow, harmony and ease. The emotional weight falls away naturally. You are lighter and more expansive energetically, and the natural response from the body is to release the excess love cushion. It’s no longer necessary.

New input. Lighter you! How about that feedback?!

Need a practical way to faciliate gratitude? Try a 21-day gratitude journal. Every day upon waking up or before bed, simply write down five things for which you are grateful.

If you need a jump start down this path, you may benefit from BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique.

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