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Candy Bars and Green Smoothies

Sunrise March 23, 2018. St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

I used to LOVE 3 Muskateers candy bars. A couple years ago for old time’s sake I picked one up during a layover in Atlanta. I took one bite, and BLEH! I quickly realized that it wasn’t as delicious as I remembered as a child.

Ever catch yourself trying to eliminate the “bad?” You try to stop thinking negative thoughts or avoid sweets or fried food? What if there were a simpler and easier way?

Focus on what you want MORE of versus what you want less of. Add in more Light instead of stamping out lower vibrations. As you bring your awareness into what you desire to create and experience, you crave less of the “bad” and lower-frequency vibrations. It’s simply no longer an energetic match.

Over the years as I’ve expanded into a healthy lifestyle (i.e. almost-daily green smoothies), much of what I used to eat and think no longer fits or feels resonant. And it happened naturally. What’s one thing you’d like to increase or add in to your life?

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