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Force and Flow

Just go with the flow.” It sounds great, right? When it comes down to it, are you able to truly flow in life? What does that even mean? Is there a sense of ease in your choices, your actions? Is there a lightness, a buoyancy in your thoughts and feelings?


Do you spend more time and energy forcing? Controlling? Demanding? Analyzing?

Truth is – there is a rhythm to life. A yin and yang. An ebb and flow. A harmonious life meanders between structure and buoyancy. Order and spontaneity.  Control and surrender.

Our culture today is steeped in structure. Dominance. Heaviness. So, it’s understandable that these softer energies seem more elusive. Meanwhile, Nature has intelligent ways of balancing Herself. How can you harmonize these energies within your own life?


You become what you practice. Yoga cultivates buoyancy. Ease. Flow. The more you embody these energies during a yoga practice, the more you are able to harness that sense of Flow in your relationships at home and at work, within your inner dialogue, and throughout your daily life. What you do on the mat sharpens your awareness. It’s like learning a new language (or remembering an old one!). It eventually becomes a natural way of engaging with Life.

And so it flows…

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